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Designing rolled sheet metal with cuts

Discussion created by Raul Borobio on Sep 23, 2019
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I have a doubt.

I'm trying to design a rolled sheet metal for an air duct. I need to make it some circular cuts, but when I unfold the sheet, they turn into splines (logical). 

I need those holes to be circular to let the punch machine software recognise as a tool. If it's not a polygonal shape,the machining software sets the laser cutting as machining tool.


The workarround I've been using until today was to cut with a 1mm diameter hole, unfold, cut again with the shape tool I need and fold again.


Today I've been playing with the wrap feature, initially with good results. The problem becomes when I apply the normal cut to the feature and I unfold the sheet metal. The length of the lines are not exact and the circles aren't circles. They are splines.


How do you manage this kind of designs?


Thank you.