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Pattern features around a cylinder, "normal to" issues...

Question asked by Sean Mayfield on Sep 22, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2019 by Sean Mayfield

Trying to find a "simple" pattern to allow for me to pattern a set of holes drilled into the side of a cylinder.  I have a continuous cam slot and I want the holes to line up normal to the cam follower as it travels along the cam slot (cam slot is a sine wave, and I want holes to be equidistant on either side of cam slot, as it goes around the circumference).  I have successfully completed this by sketching points on a 3d sketch and drawing each hole individually, but it is extremely time consuming, messy and doesn't lend itself to being modified easily.  A curve driven sketch is very close, but I can seem to get the "normal to" to work as I want it...  Any ideas?  Last two pictures are the desired end result, but I want a simpler way!

Overview of part before pattern

Transparent side view of hole to be patterned

patterned state using curve driven pattern

side view of pattern

Desired result side view

desired result iso