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Multi Layered Configuration ??

Question asked by Jagandeep Singh on Apr 20, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2009 by Eddie Cyganik
Problem : To create configuration table for a rod having different diameters and varying length . Also the rod can have either male or female thread. e.g.

dia : 10 - 150 in steps of 5 mm
length : 20 - 100 in steps of 10 mm
threading : male/female

It is hell lot difficult to create configurations for each and every variation. Isn't there anything called multi layered configurations i.e. one layer for dia, other for length and yet another for threading. Anyway what do you guys do in such a situation ? Please suggest.


Actually nature of my actual problem is much more complex than the above as i have to do it for cylinders(mounting type either free hole or tapped hole, with magnet/without magnet and so on) of which this rod is a part.