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Why isn't this external reference updating?

Question asked by Aaron Yang on Sep 20, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2019 by Aaron Yang

I'm learning Solidworks on version 2016. I was manipulating an assembly example which can be found in folder "Solidworks\SOLIDWORKS Corp\SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation\Validation Examples\13 - plate fin heat sink", to understand how relations and mates work.


The sketch in part "inlet_lid" references points on another part "testsection" (point1, point2 on the sketch coincide with point5, point6 on part "testsection" respectively). Then I modified the referenced part "testsection" so that the position of point5, point6 changed, but the position of point1, point2 didn't follow accordingly (as shown in attached pic). 


I've deleted some other conflicting mates so there's no error or warning now. Now the update path still exists but the sketch doesn't update to the position I expected.


Please help me understand where's the problem... Many thanks