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Centerpoint Arcs, the USB of solidworks

Question asked by Steven McCallion on Sep 20, 2019

Goes in everytime, on the third time.


Or in the case of centerpoint arcs, goes the correct way, after you wiggle your mouse around back and forth a minimum of three times.


I clearly didn't want 320 but rather 40 degrees. Is there a method to this madness, one of these little things I should have known about, but just skipped that year's What's New press release?


I got really excited fiddling with this before making this post because I thought I'd actually figured out there was a method. Turns out I was wrong, moving your mouse inwards and in the direction you want does not give you a small angle, and outwards in the direction you want does not give you the big angle. That was just a fluke of the one time I tried it. Sad face.