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Question asked by Eric Jacobson on Sep 19, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2019 by Fifi Riri

Hey, all;


I'm trying to assemble a macro that adds a surface fill to a selected hole, puts a point on the center face of that surface, then adds an axis in relation to the point and face so i end up with this:



My issue is that after filling the surface, I thought I'd be able to use FeatureByPositionReverse(featCount - i) to find the filled surface name and select that surface by SelectByID2 and use that add the point... but that doesn't seem to work as I need the specific face for the point creation and I'm not sure how to proceed. 


I thought once I had the point in I could use another instance of the FeatureByPositionReverse(featCount - i) and use the 2 instances to create the axis.


Does anyone have any insight or has anyone done this before?


Any help is appreciated!