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Extract Evaluated Values from multiple files into same worksheet

Discussion created by Nick Tzallas on Sep 19, 2019
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We have a few thaousands of drawings in which all descriptions have been generated by calling out a PRP in the "value/text Expression" colume in order to get the final text in the "evaluated value" column 

eg: typing 

$PRP:"SW-File Name", $PRPSHEET:"Material" in the Value text expression column

results in :

1000001, ASTM A36 Steel in the Evaluated Value column


the problem comes when trying to extract these values into a spread sheet in order to provide a list of specific properties

as the text extracted is not the evaluated value see below for clarification:



In a perfect world, what I would like is:


  1. Run Macro
  2. Prompt user to select folder containing Drawing files that macro will run on
  3. Extract Evaluated Value of Property "Description" and Property "Part Number" from the first drawing
  4. Open excel worksheet
  5. Place evaluated values into worksheet
    1. Place First Evaluted value of "Part Number" into cell A1
    2. Place First evaluated value of "Material" into cell B1
  6. Open next drawing in list
  7. extract those values
  8. place evaluated values in the same worksheet in cells A2 and B2
  9. Repeat until all drawing files are processed
  10. User then saves that one worksheet at their desired location


I have been able to find some inclings of code that imply that this is possible

Similar posts on extraction here, here and here. Also found the attached macro from a Forum thread (apologies I cannot recall whichone to credite the user)

Partial idea to exctract evaluated value from here

But I have no idea how to merge thes together and modify into one macro and to also modify it so it extracts the data into the same, alread open worksheet. 

#task does have a custom property bulk export  but it is for all properties and on separate excel files I believe


Any help woul dbe greatly appreciated as I do not have any macro experience.


thak you