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Can't break external references

Discussion created by jeff elsner on Apr 20, 2009
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I am very new to SolidWorks and am literally learning on the fly with no formal training. So if my descriptions or terminology is wrong, I apologize as I hope to communicate effectively!

My problem is:

I have created a basic assembly from several different part files that have been mated together along a common axis. I've created this assembly with some initial trial and error, and have used the process for quite a few assemblies to create drawings. All other assemblies and the drawings I have created from them have worked out fine. The assembly consists of several sections of a shaft, of varying lengths and diameters. To create a "new" assembly, I first saved the original assembly as a copy. I then renamed it to the new file name. Working with that new file, I would like to add, for example, an extension to the end of the shaft. It seems easy enough. The process I use is to click on the component, edit component and create an extruded boss. I am aware that it actually changes the original referenced part, although not currently opened, adding the new boss. This is normally fine, but I want to create multiple assemblies using the basic parts. Problem is, if I click the "No external references" button, it still modifies the original referenced parts. This of course screws up my other assembles using these same part files. SolidWorks help states that I can break or un-lock external references by simply right-clicking on the individual component in the design tree, but I can't see that option available to me. I simply want to add new features to my assembly WITHOUT changing anything outside of the current assembly. I appreciate any help with this seemingly simple, but troublesome problem. Thank you.