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SW 2019 SP4.0 Admin Image Install fails instantly, no error

Question asked by Adam Kauffman on Sep 18, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2020 by Todd Blacksher

I normally use admin install images but I can't get it to work with 2019 SP4.0

The install window pops up and then disappears right away without making any progress. No error and no install log in the admin image directory, despite debug logging being enabled on the admin image. If I pull the local log it doesn't seem to have any actionable data. 


I don't know where to begin troubleshooting without a proper error message.


I have it set to run as a user with admin rights so that the installer can be run by my users at their leisure.



[E 0 1 Utilities.cpp(6053) 09:41:18] INTERNAL ERROR in RunCmd: Failed in call to CreateProcess: GetLastError returned 2

[I 0 1 AdminDirector.cpp(3447) 09:41:18] {ID #30514} Initiated Run As User (***).
The application will relaunch itself shortly under this user account.
[I 0 1 WorkerThr..nager.cpp(17129) 09:41:18] The IM is being run from an admin image directory: {0: ***}
[I 72 1 WorkerThr..nager.cpp(17132) 09:41:18] $S09:41:18 Info MachineInfo 72 0 "The IM is being run from an admin image directory: {0: ***}"

[I 0 1 WorkerThr..nager.cpp(16559) 09:41:18] INTERNAL ERROR: FAILED TO INIT ADMIN CLIENT

[I 0 1 WorkerThr..nager.cpp(8497) 09:41:18] Worker TransitionToState(2, 16); app context = 513
[I 0 1 WorkerThr..nager.cpp(8593) 09:41:18] WORKER THREAD IS DYING
[I 0 1 Applicati..nager.cpp(1289) 09:41:18] ==> APP STATE CHANGED From Init(1) to Finished(32) [back=0; 2last=0; stack=0]