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Command Group Disappears

Question asked by Andrew Johnson on Sep 18, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2019 by Andrew Johnson

I have an issue with an Add-In where the Command Group disappears after a form is shown. There is no error/exception, but after I open the form and return to the Tools menu, my Command Group is gone.


If I have the Command Group's toolbar shown, all the command buttons are disabled. If I unload and reload the Add-In, the Command Group reappears.


I am using DevExpress UI components (third party UI components), and it seems to be an incompatibility there. The issue doesn't occur with a basic Windows Form or WPF Window. I have a support ticket open with DevExpress, but of course dealing with the SolidWorks API and not a standalone application complicates the debugging process for them.


With no errors or exceptions being thrown, this is proving impossible to debug.


Just throwing this out there in case anyone has ever run into a similar issue or has any thoughts on it.