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Ways to find a broken dimensions on a PDF?

Question asked by Alex Lachance on Sep 18, 2019



I know this does not directly pertain to SolidWorks but I figured I'd ask here in case someone has a magical method that I am not aware of.


So basically, we draw our entire projects and then we launch a process to create PDF's for all the assemblies and parts that do have drawings, while also creating a binder of all the PDF's merged together.


From there, we use the PDF to correct the project.

I do searches throughout the binder with the following keywords:

  • 44W (We're gradually moving away from most 44K steel plates we have which is why I search this)
  • * (In case something became excluded from a bill)
  • ? (In case something was removed from an assembly)


I was hoping to find a similar method to find dimensions which have lost their references. My intent is to find them without having to open the solidworks files one by one basically.