Artem Taturevych

Fundamentals: Custom Properties Automation

Discussion created by Artem Taturevych on Sep 18, 2019



I have published a new detailed blog article with several macro code examples to cover all the aspects of working with custom properties from the API: SOLIDWORKS Custom Properties Automation 


  • Examples on how to read and write general, configuration specific and cut-list custom properties
  • Explanation and differences between cached custom properties and resolved custom properties
  • How to handle the custom properties modification event (including the workaround for the issue when standard events are not raised: AddCustomPropertyNotify, DeleteCustomPropertyNotify, ChangeCustomPropertyNotify)
  • Reading and writing the data into the summary info page
  • How to work with custom properties from the Document Manager API
  • What are invisible custom propery and how to read ones and create new one


Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback.