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Copying Display States

Question asked by Colin Parkhurst on Apr 20, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2009 by Colin Parkhurst
I am currently working on sprucing up some older assemblies. To save a great deal of time, I was simply planning on copying exploded views and display states into new configurations so that the changes I plan to make will be minimal, rather than starting from scratch. There was a time that I THINK I remember where one could simply drag and copy display states from one configuration to another. I am not able to do so now.
It seems odd to me that there is a command to copy a display state, but I have not found a way to paste it or link it to another configuration. I know that I could deselect "Link Display States to Configurations" and use the same display state for multiple configurations, but as this is an older assembly it would tend to create more problems than it would solve.
Did I miss some drastic change to display states over the last few years, is my copy of SW just being buggy, or am I just completely overlooking the obvious? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.