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How does PDM handle revised files?

Question asked by Chris Iannone on Sep 18, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2019 by Matt Peneguy

I'm in the process of setting up our PDM vault.  We had previously used Synergis Adept but decided PDM would be a better fit for us. I'm trying to lay out a plan on how to import everything, but I'm stuck on how to handle old revisions.  Adept had just saved the the files of old revisions into sub directories, keeping the original files in the main directory.  I can't see how PDM handles these, and I've been digging through the tables in SSMS and I can't make sense of it.  I'm going to run some code that will move all the files into their new locations in the PDM vault, and I will used the data I've pulled from Adept to fill out all the information in the file cards, and I was hoping to include old revisions.


How are revised files maintained? Are there replicated files that are hidden from the vault explorer view?  Is it possible to programmatically import them without too much of a hassle?