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Weird views in 3D model

Discussion created by Chris Polito on Sep 18, 2019
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My company just upgraded from Solidworks 2014 to Solidworks 2019. Since the upgrade, I've been having issues with viewing the occasional 3D model. For instance, a fixture I'm working on now won't allow me to view certain faces head-on. When I try to do a Front View, the part looks like...


The Iso View looks like this...


But occasionally I can 'fix' this issue by Right Clicking on a face and selecting 'Normal To'. That's what I did on this model, which resulted in these (Correct) views...


The 'Normal To' function does not always resolve this, and I've had days where even after rebooting my computer, the issue remains. It's making things extremely difficult, as I don't want these 'wonky' views on our product drawings we send out to customers.


Is there a setting for this? Or a known work-around?