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How do I constrain notes to geometry within a drawing view?

Question asked by Ieuan Norman on Sep 18, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2019 by Dan Pihlaja

I have created a drawing that's linked to an assembly of a component with multiple configurations, which get generated as and when requested by a customer. I have four notes attached to a view which are independently linked to a property within the assembly. I've been able to update the note text through the link to the property in the assembly, but because the model itself changes length, the positions of the notes do not move with the geometry. Is there any way to ensure the position of notes within a drawing view move along with geometry when the drawing/assembly is updated. The notes are attached to the view and not the sheet, but are not moving to the new position of the geometry.

Attachment -NotePosition1 shows the correct positions to the geometry and the first configurations notes

Attachment -NotePosition2 shows the wrong positions to the geometry but has updated to the second configuration notes.