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Assembly won't open unless the Sub Assembly is open.

Question asked by Matt Juric on Sep 17, 2019

I have an assy with several S/A's. The file would not open so I opened with a new Config with all S/A's suppressed. Then by process of elimination I discovered the "Offending" S/A. I opened that S/A without issue. I have opened it, "Got latest, checked it out, saved, checked it back in...a few times. I have opened the main assy with this assy open, checked it out, got latestest etc etc....several times. 


I have looked for offending references, problems in the S/A etc etc, found nothing.


No matter what I do I can only open the top level assy when the offending S/A is open. Other wise I get the very helpful error below. Before I call my VAR and or do something more drastic is there something simple I should be looking at or doing?