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When initializing Toolbox through the task pane Solidworks Crashes

Question asked by Gary Hamm on Sep 18, 2019

If i have an assembly open and go to my toolbox via the PDM task pane, it randomly crashes my computer.

Some days its repeatable, other days it work fine. Sometimes I go a week without the issue, other weeks it happens daily.


But if you initiate toolbox prior to opening a part it works fine, and works fine for the rest of the day regardless.


We have a Design engineering group of about 30 people all accessing the toolbox located in the Vault, and it seems to happen to all of us.

I have put in a support ticket with my VAR and they have escalated to Solidworks. Went to do a webex meeting with them and was having a good day and could not crash it.


Some testing I have done was,

1. Working online using Vault Toolbox - Crashes

2. Working offline using a copied toolbox on my desktop - Crashes

3. Working offline using Vault toolbox - Crashes


Looking for input, or if you've had the issue what was the resolve. 

We are running 2018 SP4. Vault version same as Solidworks version.


Thanks in advance.