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How Often Should We Update Our Graphics Card?

Question asked by Rebecca Bennett on Sep 17, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2019 by Jeremy RIEDEL

I was having an issue a couple of months ago and my VAR suggested that I update my graphic card.  I informed him that that was one of the first things we (my IT guy and I, since I'm not allowed to without them) did a week earlier to try and curb the problem.  His response was that "They (being the card manufacturers I suppose) update those updates all of the time"?  To appease him, we updated it, again.  Only this time it came back with a notification saying it needed to be updated, even though we'd just done it two minutes before.  His reply to that was that apparently this notification is a "known bug" and not to worry?



So, now that's it's been a couple of months of dismissing this "Graphics Card Is Out-Of-Date!" notification, when do I get to bother my IT guy again about updating it again, and hopefully get this silly reminder out of my face?  I am noticing some slow graphics responses in the last week at least.


Thought that perhaps this community would be as good as any expert in knowing when to schedule necessary updates.