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Get Parent Assembly for a part in pdm professional

Question asked by Steve Anderson on Sep 17, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2019 by Jim Sculley

I am writing code to attempt to get the last parent assembly in pro pro for a child object.  The code runs out of objects, and I realize this logic 'If ref.GetNextParent(pos).Name = _file Then' is not possible.  Just playing a little.  They have all kinds of getnext parent options, bit no gerprevious options, being that I would like the previous parent.


Also, it seems probable that the same children could have different parents, so how is this confirmed?


Thanks, code below:


Private Function GetParent2(_file As String) As IEdmReference7
Dim ref As IEdmReference7

Dim Vfile As IEdmFile5 = Nothing
Dim ParentFolder As IEdmFolder5 = Nothing

Vfile = VAULT.GetFileFromPath(_file, ParentFolder)

ref = Vfile.GetReferenceTree(ParentFolder.ID)
Dim pos As IEdmPos5

Dim Parent As IEdmReference7

pos = ref.GetFirstParentPosition2(0, False, EdmRefFlags.EdmRef_File + EdmRefFlags.EdmRef_Item + EdmRefFlags.EdmRef_Dynamic + EdmRefFlags.EdmRef_Static)
Do Until IsNothing(ref.GetNextParent(pos))
If ref.GetNextParent(pos).Name = _file Then
Exit Do

Parent = ref.GetNextParent(pos)

End If


Return Parent


End Function