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Gray areas when rotating

Question asked by 1-2QZHIA on Apr 20, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2009 by John Sweeney
I have been experiencing this ever since I installed SW2009 and upgraded my video driver. Originally I couldn't use the magnifying glass option and was told to upgrade my video driver. This solved that problem, but now when I middle click my mouse to rotate a part or assembly, often times I get this weird gray stuff on my screen, pictured below. I don't know if the picture will show up so I'll link to it as well. Anyway, I can rotate the part through the gray pixels and sometimes they'll go away. Anyone got an idea on what to do? I'm currently running SW2009 SP2.0 on a WinXP system. I have a ATI FireGL V7100 with the latest video drivers. Any help would be appreciated. It's not a killer problem, just an annoying one.