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What will our new Acronym for 3DEXPERIENCEWORLD2020 be?

Question asked by Rick McDonald on Sep 17, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2019 by Rick McDonald

It is clear that there is no changing that "SOLIDWORKS WORLD" is no more and we will now be going to  3DEXPERIENCEWORLD.  And for this coming year it will be 3DEXPERIENCEWORLD2020  - thats 21 characters.

It won't be as easy a sign to assemble as last years  that was only 5 characters long.(plus a 6th if you add the #)  So that means 22 characters - almost 4 times as long a sigh will be needed .

Just think how much space that will take up - Were going to need a bigger lobby.

Or more Leggo's 

And what about all of us having to type in all those characters on our devices.

Another issue is spelling all that out - not so bad for those who use the English language and know the spelling rules but what about those don't have English as their native (or regularly used) language and don't understand all our spelling things like "I before E except after C...or ... or ....).  How many are going to try quickly typing it all those characters and not misspelling them.


I think we need a accepted and recognized acronym that can be used just like we did using SWW in place of "SolidWorks World"

So in place of "3DEXPERIENCE WORLD2020"  (with or without the hashtag) I think we need a universally known, accepted and recognized acronym ?

Personally I think a simple "3DEX20" says it all (hashtag added when needed)(no need for 2020 as 20 would do just as well). That's only 1 character longer than what we are used to, Easy to type, no spelling knowledge problems.

Alternatives could be:

3DEX20,     3DXW20,     3DEXP20,     3D20

3DEX2020, 3DXW2020, 3DEXP2020, 3D2020 

(and no - I don't expect this to be adopted formally - though I think the majority of users would prefer a shorter and easier name when writing or texting it - but maybe on the forum, if we use one of these it would be understood and accepted here).

Any Thoughts / comments? 

Be nice to have a Texting / Twitter... hashtag name setup in advance so people aren't trying to spell it all out before, during and after the show.