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    deflection & FOS

    Devi Prasad Samal

      i have an assembly of two c section joined and at its end it is welded with brackets.
      length of beam is(two c section) is 1900. actually according to my requirement if a 2000kg f will applied deflection should be max4.5 mm & FOS is 2.

      take any material according to requirement.

      now i have to prove in analysis that deflection & FOS should come in cosmos.

      i have tried all the technique but it does not get proper result.

      if i get deflection 4.5mm then fos may be too small.....

      so how to do this?
        • deflection & FOS
          One of your study applied 2300 kg force and the deflection on the center is 3.6mm, and the Min FOS is 0.37, which means this part will fail.

          The low FOS might due to stress concentration.
          The stress concentration is because you used very coarse mesh size which cause inaccurate result, I will prefer the mesh size to be half of wall thickness.

          BTW, you used solid mesh for this part, since it's a thin wall part with uniform thickness, you may want to consider using shell mesh for better result with smaller mesh size..