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Know of any Visualize-friendly render farms or places that can host your seat of Boost?

Question asked by Kristina Smith on Sep 15, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2019 by Jeffrey Model

I've asked our VAR already, but it's not something they have had any demand for so they don't have anything available at this time. They gave me some quotes for putting together something in-house but I know I'm going to be asked for other alternatives first.


I know GPU-based farms aren't necessarily cost-effective when lots of other popular programs aren't as GPU (and cough cough Nvidia cough cough) dependent as SolidWorks is, so that's been making it difficult for me to find something that will work. I have contacted some who claim to be GPU-based and am waiting on a response, but I don't see specific mention of Visualize on their lists so I don't have high hopes.


Are render farms even a viable option for Visualize? And/or, are there places that will host your seat of Boost? (I know there would be some networking and setup involved.)


I honestly don't need record speeds or anything. I am primarily interested in just offloading the work from my computer so that I can keep working on it while things are rendering elsewhere.