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Why does get latest version take so much longer than file check-in?

Question asked by John Burrill on Sep 16, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2019 by John Burrill

While I'm waiting for this large file to download over VPN, it occurs to me that this is a good opportunity to throw the question out there, why does 'Get latest version' take longer to download a file than 'Check-in' does to upload it?
At the office, I don't get time to really ponder the significance of this because over our local network, file retrievals from the vault are usually done before I can put together a proper post on the subject.  However, they do still take longer than uploads when I check the files in.  The effect is magnified over VPN.  That file shown in the screen capture is 280Mb in size (imported step file with components converted to virtual parts).  It took a few minutes to check in over VPN and on another computer, it's taking somewhere over an hour so far to get the latest version of it.

This seems a little counter-intuitive to me.  My ISP download speed is like 8 times faster than my upload speed, so if it were an internet bandwidth issue, I'd expect the situation to be just the opposite.  Besides that, regular file sharing transfers and remote desktop over the VPN connection are much faster.

I haven't metered 'get latest version' vs. 'check in' on the local network, just observed that the progress bar seems to move slower on download than upload.

So that leads me to think there's either a problem on my server firewall (which is turned off for private network connections like our local network or VPN) or my PDM Server isn't configured correctly, or this is an inherent limitation of the software.

Anyone is welcome to weigh in on this issue. So friends, contemporaries, fellow CAD monsters, lend me your insights.



My system configuration looks like this:

PDM Server: Windows 10 Professional w/8Gb of Ram  (running PDM is about all this server does 90% of the time).  Database, Archive Server and Archive files are all on the same machine and drive.

PDM Version: 2019 Standard SP4.0 on top of a Microsoft SQL-lite 2014 install

Server IP address: Dynamic

VPN routing is handled by DDNS using Softether VPN tools.

Client machines are running 2019 SP4.0 and 2019 SP3.0