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Trouble Surfacing FSAE Body Panels

Question asked by Dawson Coats on Sep 15, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2019 by Paul Salvador

Hey all, 


I am working on some body panel prototypes for my FSAE team. I have taught myself how to surface model and am trying very hard to incorporate my knowledge into this prototype before we get to finalizing. However, not that I have the surfaces, I would really like to thicken them. I have gone through the necessary knitting, but it will not thicken to a solid. I have found that the problem lies in the nose cone, with all the oblique surfaces joining together, it does not like to offset very nicely (picture showing). Would this be why it does not thicken? Is there a way I can fix this easily without having to fix my sketch splines and potentially my design?


Would appreciate some help!


Thanks so much in advance!


knit surfacesoffset from surface

unable to thicken