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Motion Studies the bodies are not touching even with bodies defined

Question asked by Carlos Ferreira on Sep 14, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2019 by Carlos Ferreira

Hi All


I am Trying to to a study between a sphere hitting a glass pane.

It works well on the basic motion, however when I set the motion analysis, the sphere just goes through the glass without causing any effect


I have tried all possible scenarios on the contacts and also on the assemblies 


Below link to the assembly folder

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Quick video attached 


My aim is to acess the stresses on the glass when the ball hits it (this is confirm if it breaks or not) - Also have a problem extracting the stresses on the glass too (ideally a quick study which runs quickly) 

Also the sphere needs to hit the glass with 48J energy (this I can check in the Energy curves)


Ay help hould be much appreciated