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Lib feature or smart component to cut wood panel slot easier

Question asked by Richard Yan on Sep 16, 2019

Good day guys!

We use dowels and pocket screws to position and fix MDF panel like following capture. I know it's possible to creat smart component to get pocket holes and dowels. It seems the hole features cannot follow the dowels pattern, it's not very convenient but acceptable.

But sometimes in factory, we need cut the 2 mm slot to remove the UV or laminate surface for stronger adhesion without dowel and pocket screw like following capture. In multibody part it's possible to get the slots by Lib-feature, is this possible to achieve this in assembly? So I can click one or two times to get the slot ...

Like the following image, you can see a lot of slot in the bottom panel. All I want to do is to get the slot easily. Now my approach is project the vertical panel outline to cut the slot on the bottom panel. Anybody can give me some tricks or tips will be appreciate. Thanks!