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    What the h___ is dissecation?

    Rio Benson
      I've done a search in virtually every facet of SW 2009 SP3 for "dissecation" and "dissecate", without success. What the h___ is it, what is it for, why does it take over my entire system and will not stop short of an emergency shut down, and how the Sam Hill do I get rid of it????

      I even went so far as to look the words up in my dictionary; they are not listed there, either. I looked them up on Google and Wickepedia says dissecate is an Italian verb, without giving much more of a definition.

      C'mon you guys at SW; let's get real. This is exactly the kind of crap that has caused not to renew my subscription; I can no longer justify it! While I have to admit the 2009 release beats the socks off of 2008, the junk you're adding doesn't justify the cost. You've made my job harder, and now I am less capable than I was with release 2007. Seriously, do you consider that progress? Should I have to pay for your stupidity and your complete disregard for your existing customer 's needs and desires?

      I DON'T THINK SO !
        • What the h___ is dissecation?
          Deepak Gupta
          Dissection as in help :

          Schedule file dissection for Design Clipart. The SolidWorks files you search are dissected to make their components easy to locate and reuse. Schedule dissection daily to automatically dissect files in search paths. Turn dissection on or off.

          For turning it OFF, go to Tools, Options, Search and uncheck Dissection.

          • What the h___ is dissecation?
            Josh Brady
            Maybe SW should add Google's functionality that suggests real words as a substitute for the misspelled words the user types into the search box.
              • What the h___ is dissecation?
                Don Vanzile

                I agree Josh. It never cesis too amazze me how quik peeple ar to post such critisism to Solidworks.

                • What the h___ is dissecation?
                  Rio Benson

                  If you are attempting to imply I misspelled the word [?] "dissecation", or anything else for that matter, you may note that I used SW's spelling for the word. What's more, when it comes to the usage of the English [not Italian] language, I let my abilities and experience speak for themselves, as I've been doing for the past 70 years.


                  Some people who don't know what the heck they're talking about, and have nothing of value to add to a conversation, will often agree with anything that supports an alternative view whether it has any merit, or not. Judging from the misspelled words in your unsolicited remark, you were either trying to be fescitious, or you fall into the category I just described.


                  Thank you for your input !
                    • What the h___ is dissecation?
                      Matt Lombard
                      Well, let's see. There's "defecation" don't need to define that sh!t, so to speak. Then there's "desiccation" meaning to dry out, as in "Dry up and blow away". Dissection means what you do to a frog in 6th grade. I still can't figure out even what dissection has to do with SolidWorks automatically running on my machine every night at 11 pm, unless it has an alternative meaning such as "automatic annoyance".

                      I never saw SolidWorks misspell dissection as dessication.

                      Of course I meant to go to dictionary.com to look all of this up, but only made it as far as http://www.dctionary.com

                      Unfortunately, content counts.

                      While trying to insult someone else for general idiocy and bad spelling, you said his remark was "fescitious", which looks and smells a lot like "feces", and could be interpreted as "feces-tious", or "sh!tty", loosely speaking in the vernacular. And now we are back to where we started, with "defecate". Defecate comes from the root word Feces, (not Italian as you suppose, but probably Latin) in the form of de-feces, meaning to remove the sh!t, or loosely in the USA, to "sh!t my pants laughing", or "laughed so hard I sh!t myself" or maybe more literally "laughed myself sh!tless". I think the word you were looking for was "facetious", which means not to be taken seriously, which would characterize this entire conversation, or your part in it anyway. Although I have to admit your spelling errors are very funny, I doubt you intended them in that way.

                      It's like James Joyce and Sigmund Freud rolled into one.

                      Oh, we could go so far with this one. This is rich. Really, now we need to decide if we need an etymologist or an entomologist. And as you can see, the spelling there is very close, certainly within your spelling/approximation margin of error. One studies words, in which you are now getting a painful lesson at your expense, and the other figures out bugs, bugs being what you first came here to inquire about.

                      Oh, boy, I just noticed the "Wickepedia" spelling, which could give us another round of fun here. It turns out "Wickepedia" is the Maineiac spelling (spelling of people from Maine), because they thought Wikipedia was just simply Wicked, and well, people all over the world being essentially lazy, Maineiacs having no corner on that particular market, Wickepedia was far easier to text message with sore thumbs than Wicked Wikipedia, so it stuck.
                  • What the h___ is dissecation?
                    Josh Brady
                    I certainly ain't saying Dissection is a good thing. And I was only halfway joking about incorporating that "fuzzy search" logic or whatever you call it that would try to figure out what you meant to type. That functionality on Google has helped me out more than once.
                    • What the h___ is dissecation?
                      Anna Wood

                      You need to slow down and ask nicely when coming here with problems and questions. Guns blazing does not help you at all. You have done that a couple times in the last six months or so.

                      Dissection is in the SW Help and has been discussed here on numerous occasions since SW2008 first came out, when Dissection and Design ClipArt were introduced.

                      Go to Tools->Options->System Options->Search and turn off Dissection.

                      Read through the What's New PDF's for both SW2008 and SW2009 so you know what the major changes are to the software. Probably be a good idea if you haven't yet.



                      • What the h___ is dissecation?
                        Eddie Cyganik

                        There are some here who have given you sarcasm others have tried to help but I have to tell you Anna probably gave you the best response. Her advice is always sound.

                        However, I'd like to add just one more thing; I'm really surprised that Google and Wickepedia are your only resources. Let me give you a tip here:
                        If you go to WWW.DontBbushWacked.org you will find an amazing array of uncommon words. I just visited there and this is what found:
                        I typed in your key words: "dissecation" and "dissecate, the results are as follows: (Please note that I believe the first search result is an error.)
                        Defecate - I do not believe this is the answer you were looking for but a cute little icon of George popped-up with a "He He He" caption and no other information.
                        Dycessahkasion - The Ackshun of; chopping or cutting up. Usage: George liked biology class because he could show off his "Dycessahkasion" techniques. Now this could be it.

                        Oh, I also ran spell-check using Micro$oft Word with these results:
                        Dissecation - Dissection
                        Dissecate - Dissected
                        ...but these cannot be right. What does dissecting have to do with a CAD program?

                          • What the h___ is dissecation?
                            Rio Benson

                            First of all, at my age I feel I've earned the right to be a 'grouchy old man'. I been in this business for over 50 years, thirty of them on the board, and I wear my scars like medals - along with a permanently stooped back and lousy eye sight.

                            Secondly, when I have a problem with a software product, I expect to find descriptions and explanations in the USUAL places - in the Help files - not in the What's New sale's pitch.

                            Thirdly, I remember SolidWorks' early years when they were not in the catbird seat and they gave their customers "real" value for their money and loyalty. In my opinion, such is not the case today. Instead of performance increases we get fluff, toys, and half-baked ideas which have little to do with generating better disigns, faster. If you think SolidWorks is doing a great job, and you choose to "rollover", that's your prerogitive. On the other hand, I've found from experience the only way to get SW's attention is to yell at them, loudly and repetitively. Sadly, most of the time they don't find such "torts" fit into their agendae established by their MBA mentality. I, for one, have registered my disgust with their attitudes and policies by not renewing my service agreement, as have also a large number of corporate users around the world who feel they are "being had".

                            If they deserved "nice", I would definitely give it to them. Thanks, anyway!


                            I loved your tongue-in-cheek reply! Had to read it two or three times .


                            Right on, as usual.


                            Actually, I got the spelling from SW's own place-holder on the screen, and I did not use the word dissection, if YOU will look closely! If I am a lunatic, then SW and people like you made me that way! If you think I'm wrong, look again and then prove it. You've offered a lot of rhetoric without any substance or proof much like our politicians, today. Many of us are not that gullible!


                              • What the h___ is dissecation?
                                Tony Hayes

                                Josh was saying that the word should have been "dissection" and not "disse cation" as you put in your first post. Everyone is saying that you could not find because you spelled it wrong. You say that you got the word from SW's own place-holder, if so take a screen shot of that and prove us wrong. I myself have never seen it spelled like that as all of my coworkers has never seen it like that.

                                Maybe SolidWorks could add spell check.

                                Also as a designer you should know that is spelled "designs" and not "disigns". The "I" and "E" or not even close on the keyboard to say that you hit the wrong key.

                                If I hated a software as much as you then I would switch.
                            • What the h___ is dissecation?
                              Josh Brady
                              OK, I'm not really sure where you got that "dissecate" and "dissecation" are the SolidWorks spellings since I can't find those terms anywhere in the program or documentation. "Dissect" and "dissection" do appear, as one would expect, in the English language, the English language version of SolidWorks Help, and in the English version of SolidWorks. You may not have misspelled "dissecation", but you most certainly misspelled "dissection". Look at the letters one at a time and perhaps you may find the difference.

                              I think you'll find that people are much more forgiving and less sarcastic when you open yourself up to the slight possibility that you might be wrong rather that going off on some lunatic tangent about Italian verbs.
                              • What the h___ is dissecation?
                                Kevin De Smet
                                You can turn it off.
                                It can be a useful feature.

                                - but -

                                it really shouldn't be on by default.
                                • What the h___ is dissecation?
                                  Kelvin Lamport
                                  Rio ... can you post an image of the message showing where SW used "dissecation" and "dissecate" ?

                                  Or explain how we can get SW to show the place-holder on the screen?

                                  BTW, if you type dissecate into the Help > Index section, by the time you've typed the second s, the index has found dissect files as a topic.
                                  • What the h___ is dissecation?
                                    Josh Brady
                                    Good opening post:


                                    I'm a grouchy old coot with bad eyesight, so I may be missing something. What the heck is "dissecation?" It's sucking up all my resources and I can't find anything about it in the help.

                                    Response that would have been given to that type of post:


                                    I believe you may be referring to "dissection" (note the missing "a"). It's a mostly useless resource hog that you can disable by un-checking the box in the options. You can find that box under....

                                    This thread would have been three, maybe four posts long. Instead, you opened up with a crazy tirade about cancelling your subscription and SolidWorks not caring about what you want, blah blah blah. That's just an open invitation for ridicule, the majority of which you don't even seem to recognize as such. The vagaries of human nature, I guess. We all like to help folks, but we also like to poke a bees nest on occasion.
                                    • What the h___ is dissecation?
                                      Steven Dinsdale
                                      What's wrong with an MBA?
                                        • What the h___ is dissecation?
                                          Jeff Holliday
                                          I started drafting in 1970 on a "board". My drafting work was reviewed by a "checker" - which was a person doing drafting proofreading. I still vividly remember the congratulation I received from him when he pointed out some of the mistakes I made. He simply said "You gracefully accept having your mistakes pointed out and really take them constructively". The only right I have earned is the ability to be the last 2 words in "grouchy old man". An error should be admitted and then look for a good solution.
                                            • What the h___ is dissecation?
                                              Don Vanzile


                                              Don, Some people who don't know what the heck they're talking about, and have nothing of value to add

                                              That was the most ironic comment I've read in a while...

                                              I apologize for sounding a bit sarcastic (it was that kind of morning.... ), however I noticed Deepak already gave you the serious response so I added my useless one instead for the sake of humor.

                                              To slightly justify my comment (which I didn't say at the time, but was thinking), is Solidworks provides a great help menu that you can search through by keywords such as the "dissection" you mentioned above. Now it's not the best documentation, but its questions like these that can be easily answered almost immediately with the keyword search. Instead of utilizing the tools they provide, you quickly post a passionate rant about how Italians talk funny with their verbiage and Solidworks doesn't know what they're doing. If I were the Italian guy that worked for Solidworks producing documentation, I couldn't help but shake my head in amazement of how some people totally ignore it. Makes you wonder how they justify making it better when it's obvious a lot people don't use it!? I practically learned how to use Solidworks from the help files alone and that was back in 97 before the Italians got to it!

                                              I grant you one thing though; they should've been smarter by turning this off by default upon 1st installation. But in their defense, it was a new tool they were hoping we could utilize. And we all probably could have if they were smarter about when it ran. The reality is that most people are too impatient for something that takes a while to run once or twice a month so nobody uses it. I think SW intentions are good but they have to realize that nobody has the patience for tools like that unless they are almost instantaneous. (Don't they remember their "fast as a light switch" comment at the SW World 2000 at New Orleans...?) Oh well...

                                              And who does get the final say of what's installed by default or not.... there are so many options you are bound to make a certain large group displeased. I just hope when someone writes to SW, they have good people to filter out rants of people who are speaking intelligently about their issues, verses someone who quickly raced to post something that they weren't necessarily well informed in.

                                              Well, my soapbox is about to break so I guess I'll step down off of it.... The design was verfied with the buggy Cosmos tools... now if you want to hear a rant..... oh don't even get me started!

                                                • What the h___ is dissecation?
                                                  John Nemeth
                                                  I can understand Rio's frustration completely. And I can also understand that in the heat of the moment he misread (and as a cosequence, misquoted) the word 'dissection'. I, for one, have been frustrated many times by hitting my head into new features which SolidWorks fabricated into the program without letting us known - and without providing a 'default' switch for the users. It is very frustrating to find that the program does not work as it did yesterday due to a change announced or not (as for example it is doing now with the viewing options, jumping back to 'Hide all types' unexpectedly and randomly throughout the same session etc. etc.....) I can also understand that his frustration has grown to the extent that he finally voted with his feet and discontinued the subscription contract. I nearly came to the same point a number of times and it is only because of the circumstances I've been working with the program that I still have it at the moment.
                                                  What I can't understand though is the reaction of some fellow users (?) to Rio's comments. I had the same experience a few times before that after commenting on (sometimes even only asking about) some fully technical issue the reaction I got was quite personal, angry, agressive and lecturing. The question mark after the users above means that most of these over the top comments came from persons who have been - openly or hidden - SW representatives, SW User Group associates and/or VAR's. The reaction of these people is guided by their positions and even in the best case scenario they are not interested in anything else but in collecting a few red marks from SW Corp.
                                                  No-one is here on the forum to be lectured and no-one is entitled to lecturing others. Irrespective of the position of the person, there should not be a place here for patronising behaviour. Everyone is entitled to his/her view and all of us feels the need to let some steam off sometimes. Even more so because SW Corp have been neglecting this forum (just like other types of user feedback) with a very few exceptions during Beta times.
                                                  Partially because of the above circumstances I don't comment on anything on this forum lately. And my absence had a very positive effect on my blood pressure...
                                                  Just my 20 cents...

                                                    • What the h___ is dissecation?
                                                      Matt Lombard

                                                      If you're going to call someone out angrily, you had better have your facts correct. Rio was badly mistaken over a simple issue that he should have caught.

                                                      I defend SolidWorks when they are incorrectly attacked because I want the real problems to get the attention they deserve. I'm guessing other folks feel the same way.

                                                      Dissection was a waste of development time as far as I'm concerned, and turning it on by default was a bad choice, and once its on, it is not easy to kill if you don't already know how to do it. So there is some very legitimate criticism there, but Rio let loose a badly aimed tirade on the strength of his own spelling mistake.
                                                        • What the h___ is dissecation?
                                                          Steve Calvert
                                                          What a fun life we all have... These kinds of discussions are good for the sole and break up the day-to-day activities.

                                                          A couple of comments, if I may.

                                                          Rio, all this could have been ascertained if you could have only spelled correctly. Don't worry, we all have problems with spelling. But, next time, like Anna has said, please don't come in here with guns blazing or yelling at SW, you're just going to get many more comments than it warrants. Just ask a question...

                                                • What the h___ is dissecation?
                                                  Kelvin Lamport
                                                  Rio seemed quite adamant and assured that it was not a misspelling;


                                                  Actually, I got the spelling from SW's own place-holder on the screen

                                                  Which is why (in my previous post) I asked him to post an image or explain how to call up that place-holder ... just in case it does exist there.

                                                  However, as I also stated in my last post, if you type dissecate into the Help > Index section, by the time you've typed the second s, the index has found dissect files as a topic. So misspelled or not, the correct help should have been found ... unless he's using a non-english version of SW.
                                                  • What the h___ is dissecation?
                                                    Kelvin Lamport
                                                    While I've been plenty guilty of defending SW and responding to a rant with sarcastic comments in the past, the powers-that-be at SW are, or should be, more than capable of defending their product themselves. If, for some mysterious reason, they choose not to, then why the hell should we bother to? My take on why SW does not respond to such tirades is because they know that we will, and that's the cowards way out because the heat then falls on the individuals here and not them.
                                                      • What the h___ is dissecation?
                                                        Wayne Tiffany

                                                        Kelvin Lamport wrote:


                                                        If, for some mysterious reason, they choose not to, then why the hell should we bother to? My take on why SW does not respond to such tirades is because they know that we will, and that's the cowards way out because the heat then falls on the individuals here and not them.

                                                        I'm not sure I can agree with that statement for the most part. While it may have some truth to it (probably some) I have had personal conversations with too many SW employees to accept it as the norm. I know that for the most part, they do care about us and how the software works for us. I have also had several employees ask for my opinion on things, and even appear to care what I said! :-) Even if we don't agree on how something should be, that's ok as long as I feel they understand the reasoning behind my opinion. Not everything is as I would like it, nor is it ever going to be.

                                                        As to why they don't pipe in here more often, I believe part of it is the same reason each of use doesn't add to each conversation - those that are already engaging in it are doing a fine job and there's no point in adding my two cents worth if it looks just like the many cents already there on the table.

                                                        Another reason is because I may not have an answer. Yes, I could state that, but what would it add to the discussion? Someone else may actually have a good idea and my "nothing" just clutters up the table.

                                                        I guess this post is long enough to be called three and a half cents.

                                                      • What the h___ is dissecation?
                                                        Kelvin Lamport

                                                        That's inflation for you.

                                                        My response was not directed at the helpful SW employees who respond here. I apologise to those people if it was taken that way.
                                                        My response was directed at situations (like this thread) where an official SW forum moderator/spokesperson has not stepped in before the thread degenerated into personal attacks. That lack of action hurts both the users here and the software/company image.
                                                          • What the h___ is dissecation?
                                                            Richard Doyle
                                                            Hi Everyone,
                                                            I have been watching this thread, and while some of the comments could be considered harsh, the little bell in my head that controls the delete button hasn't gone off yet.

                                                            We don't like to use a heavy hand when it comes to moderating the forums, and count on your common sense and respect for others to self-limit personal attacks or other offensive behavior toward one another.

                                                            There is some good information in this thread, and I think the original poster has had his question answered. Let's get back to the intended purpose of this forum - peer-to-peer support and knowledge sharing.