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Amount of surfaces and solid bodies after saving .step assy as part

Question asked by Koen Plekker on Sep 13, 2019





I'm having a bit of troubels here.

A 3rd party has provided me with 4  .step assy's of hydraulic routing and connections that are imbedded in my project.

All 4 Assy's are pretty much similar only kind of mirrored horizontal and vertical versions of one another.

I started off saving them as part choosing the Geometry to save option "All components" (in the save as window)

The first 2 of the assy's went fine and ended up having a reasonable amount of  Surfaces (around 200) and solids (around 250)

Than while doing the exact same for assy nr. 3 I somehow and up with a part containing 4480 surfaces and an equal crazy amount of solids. I tried it a few times since I first thought I may not have sellected the "All component" option.


1) Any thoughts on why this could end up so differenent from the other 2.

2) Will this radically affect the performance of my main assy I'm going to use it in?


I'm looking forward to the awnsers




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