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Workgroup PDM Document Information View error message

Question asked by Paul Korenkiewicz on Sep 13, 2019

Hope this is the right group to ask this...   We are running SW 2017 with Workgroup PDM.  In the vault, normally you can right click a file, and select Document Information from the pop-up menu to see information on the file.  The VIEW tab is supposed to show a view of the file contents.  This works for us "sometimes", but other times it pops up an error message:


Selecting any of the options to open, save or cancel has no effect.  Once you receive this message, any and ALL files you try to view show like this:



SOMETIMES, you can quit and restart SW, and it will function like it is supposed to, other times this has no effect.  For this whole week, I have fallen into the latter.  Nothing I do seems to allow me to view files.  It used to work better, but I don't think anything has changed on my system.  It's very frustrating to have to  open/check out every file just to see it's contents.


Anyone know what this is about or how to correct this issue?

thanks in advance...