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Making a prompt or automacro

Discussion created by joshua harmon on Sep 12, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2019 by Artem Taturevych

I am curious if there is a way to make a prompt or something that tells the user to select material type. Right now we make a lot of parts out of stainless 304 so our parts template defaults to that.  I am hoping to delete that out of the template and make them choose the material so its right, plus want to add finish to the material type (2b, #4, blasted Etc). The issue is the design department where I work is so used to not really having to mess with this that it will get forgotten and then when it comes to the end of the project there will be a bunch of parts that would have no material selected. So unless there is a way of forcing them to choose it, I need a box that remind them. I am not great at making macros, but also they would have to select the macro to run it anyway. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. thanks.