Flattened Harness Drawing, How to can it be used by the Harness Manufacturer

Discussion created by 1-A56F1N on Apr 19, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2009 by Andy Hughes
Hi Andy,
When the flattened drawing is made, a primary value of the drawing and BOM & To/From List is it's use for manufacturing the cable-harness assemblies. This means drawing visuals of connectors and branch lengths need to be able to moved and lengthed with additional keypoints added by the harness mfg. company using low cost software.

What is Solidworks plans for 2D drawing use by harness manufacturers?

Will future releases include a means of editing the drawings using low cost software that the harness supplier can use? Maybe this where E3 WireWorks [I assume expensive now] or Adobe Illustrator can come in, to give the harness manufacturer a simple means of editing the visual data in the future?
I assume for the BOM & To/From list, the path forward is using Excel for export or E3 Wire Works. Is this correct?

Changing the flattened drawing structure to use SW "standard" drawing views was a step in the right direction, keep the "simple" sustainable changes coming! There is a long ways to go in this area.