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Awful HDD performance (Bad I/O score)

Question asked by Martin Egsdal on Sep 13, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2019 by Martin Egsdal

Solidworks 2016.

So im trying to help a colleague getting his new pc set up for solid works, and it does have some issue with the "I/O" performance score.


The new machine is a win10, I7 9700KF, 64gb DDR4 ram, Quadro P or K2000 and a 1tb M.2 SSD 


The system is awful slow at loading files compared to his old machine, and we have tried running diagnostic, but came up with nothing. 


Then we ran the performance benchmark, and everything but "I/O" looks good.


I/O is getting an score of +600 seconds! 


My first though was that there was an issue with the SSD, but then we ran a disk test, and it can read with 1800MB/s, so it is not that. 


All files are stored locally, and PDN is not used. 


Thanks for the help

Br. Martin