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PDMWorkgroup automatic pdf creation in specific directory

Question asked by Arnt Wiebicke on Apr 18, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2010 by Larry Zolla
Hey guys,

I am currently running the task scheduler to copy all of our SW drawings into pdf to a specific directory on our server that everyone can access (Purchasing & Sales). This directory will always contain the latest copy of the SW drawing document. How can i ensure that when a user signs a drawing in that it automatically creates a copy as a pdf and overwrites it in the "PDF" folder. Using the automatic pdf creation in the Vault Admin doesnt really help since other people that dont have SW explorer or the vault viewer cant access them. Is this an API question? If so could anyone share the code since i am really new and dont know how to program all that well. I saw posted code in another thread for pdf creation.

Thanks a bunch,