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Linear Static Simulation

Question asked by Edward Derubeis on Sep 11, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2019 by Bill McEachern



I have a bolted flange assembly and I am trying to do a static analysis of it. Initially I used bolted connectors to assemble the flanges and used contact sets to define contact types between parts.


I initially used inertial relief to analyze the system but I noticed that the resulting displacement had one part that was angled in one direction even though the parts are circular and the loading was symmetrical.  I would have assumed that with inertial relief, no warnings, and net applied load of zero the assembly should not move.


When I removed the inertial relief thinking it wasn't working right and specified a fixed anchor point and some guides I couldn't get the system to solve.  Later thinking the bolt connectors were making the model complex I removed them and replaced them with solid parts and an applied preload.  This still didn't help solve the system, the system will only solve with inertial relief and the one part is bent to one direction.


Does anyone know how I can figure out what load or conditions is doing this?