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Visual Fortran run-time error in harmonic analysis

Question asked by Shreeshial Biradar on Sep 11, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2019 by Jay Seaglar


I'm running a Harmonic analysis in SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION with following description

Case 1: I have done Frequency analysis by extracting 100 modes and copied the study for harmonic simulation for 10 kHz base excitation and study solved without any error popup.

Case 2: With same setup I have done frequency analysis for 300 modes and harmonic analysis for 30kHz excitation.


In Case 2 I keep getting this error: Visual Fortran run-time error : severe (39): error during read unit 23,  with a  list of STRESS.DLL unknown and STRES.exe unknown.

It happens during the stress calculation. I was able to run the frequency analysis without any problem. 


I tried using different Solvers, have sufficient memory in my hard drive and has fine mesh having around 1.5 million nodes.

Can any one help me with any work around to resolve this issue?