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Is anyone else building custom cabinets for seminars? Looking for advice.

Question asked by Michael Senter on Sep 10, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2019 by Michael Senter

I've recently moved on from a job (and SW forum account) where I was designing and detailing machined/fabricated parts, primarily in a part environment. In my new position, I work with a team that designs booths for trade shows from the ground up. The primary software suite consists of AutoCAD and 3DS Max. I have been a SolidWorks user for over 10 years, but I am struggling to work efficiently in the new position.


I have attached an example of a simple cabinet I'm currently working on. I've done some reading regarding cabinetry in SW and seen different suggestions for using multibody parts. My biggest issue with multibody parts is that they are incompatible with Smart Components. These cabinets use a myriad of different fasteners, locks, latches, etc., some of which I have created Smart Components for pre-drilling holes and other geometry. You can see in the attached files that I started out with a multibody part, but discovered that I would have to move to an assembly to be able to make use of the smart features.


Assemblies aren't my strong point since the majority of my career has been in a part environment. Any help with how I should approach assemblies like this would be appreciated. So far, I have had the most luck with a top-down approach, but it is still extremely time-consuming.