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Unknown File format for .sldprt file - Standalone Batch Program

Discussion created by Engineering Systems on Sep 10, 2019
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Hi Guys,


I have written a standalone batch script in that Checkin the .sldprt file to 3DExperience (As I have 3DExperience connector as PDM installed). When I select the file from Enoserver.BrowseforFile() API, I get this error.



 newSelection = server.BrowseForFile(Me.Handle.ToInt32,

                                            EnoBrowseFlag.EnoBws_ForOpen + EnoBrowseFlag.EnoBws_PermitMultipleSel + EnoBrowseFlag.EnoBws_PermitLocalFiles + EnoBrowseFlag.EnoBws_PermitVaultFiles,

                                            "(*.sldprt; *.sldasm; *.slddrw)|*.sldprt;*.sldasm;*.slddrw|All Files (*.*)|*.*||", "",

                                            "", server.RootFolderPath, "Select Files to CheckIn ")


But when I try to Checkin the same file from windows form (Manual Checkin) or through solidworks application, I donot get this error and CheckIn of file gets executed.


Could some one help me out on what needs to be included in my batch to recognize the .sldprt file.


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