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Question asked by Dennis Dohogne on Sep 9, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2020 by Jim Sculley

1. Moderators, why is this the only real way we have of reaching you?  Yesterday I submitted a question on this forum.  I say submitted because it still has not been posted.  Upon submission I received a message that my question had been received, but it must be approved by a moderator before being posted.  Okay - - - up to a point.  The question was not defamatory toward SWX.  It was merely stating the exact steps taken and the resulting error message I received.  The error message did not crash SWX and allow me to generate a problem report so I was forced to kill SWX using the Task Manager.  I was asking if others had experienced the same.  We at least used to know that Richard Doyle was the moderator and could message him directly.  We do not have that same information now.  Charles Dane isn't getting it done, as evidenced by numerous attempts to reach him.  So who is the real forum moderator?


2. Where is the question I submitted yesterday?  Why does it take so long to review/approve something like that?


3. What has happened to the customer support and occasional interaction we used to see on this forum?  I understand how SWX graciously makes this forum available for us users and tries to keep a "hands off" stance, but there are times when it would be VERY APPROPRIATE for someone from SWX to chime in on a post.  How about when a tirade is going off the rails because people are running with bad assumptions / bad information?  How about when someone is having a significant problem and has not been getting results from their VAR?  How about when there is something newsworthy that has not made it to us through our VARs?  How about using this forum to also alert us to any technical bulletins?  There are many things that can benefit this forum community, but only if good information is shared here.  This forum is a very effective form of communication, if it is only utilized.  We forum members tend to be passionate users of the software, leaders in our companies and communities, and advocates for positive influences and changes.  SWX corporate should cherish this group, instead it seems like we are abandoned step-children.


I have been a charter user of SWX since it came out in 1995.  I started a user group before SWX supported them.  I have brought SWX into four different companies.  I have been a very passionate and effective advocate.  But I am tired and very disappointed.  I am not a fan of the corporate changes to the SWX side.  Honestly though, this is due to the way it has been conducted.  The SWX software gets more features/abilities year after year, but the attitude of corporate towards us (me) has changed, at least in my appraisal.  Case in point is the fiasco with renaming of SWWorld and the de-emphasizing of the core SWX in favor of some flash and sizzle "experience".  SWX is a powerful tool we use to get our jobs done.  We want to know more about how to better leverage it for our benefit, now how to feel good about using it.  The good feeling we want and get comes from a job well done, not from some artificial and empty software-enabled self-adoration.


I am an independent consultant now and pay for SWX and the maintenance out of my own pocket.  Maybe 25 years of my loyalty is enough; it doesn't seem to be reciprocated.  I'm seriously thinking of not paying my subscription maintenance when it comes due early next year.  For the same or lower price I have some attractive options.


- - -Dennis


P.S.  I made a copy of this in case it gets lost on its way to the forum.