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Work with a log SolidNetWork License Manager (lmgrd)

Discussion created by Vasilii Redinskii on Sep 10, 2019
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Hi, colleagues!

A few months ago, our company had a problem: lack of licenses. I’ve decided to analyze how long employees have been using the license. I’ve begun to read forums and search for information, then I’ve talked with colleagues at the SW-users meeting, also I found a video application here. As a result, I’ve decided to analyze it myself, have read the instructions of the SNL Manager and a log (lmgrd).

I’ve made the first version in Excel. I transferred data using copy/paste, but I’ve got the correct picture (see Pic. 1). Although it was an inconvenient tool, every time I needed to format new data.

I’ve made the second version using Power BI, It is a very convenient tool for analyzing textual information, such as a log. Now I get online information about who uses licenses and how its use, how much time each department and each city use solid, what time is the busiest. The application opens in a browser; it reads information from the log file on the server and the list of personnel and departments. The application reads log information once a day. Of course, it is not yet universal, and in order to get new graphics, I need to make changes to the code.

As a result, this application allowed us to reduce and distribute the load. Previously, we lacked 18 licenses, and at peak times we received refusals, now at the peak moment we use no more than 15 licenses, since we distributed the time of use.

I’m interested in learning another license experience. I will be happy to process any log, if it is useful to you. I hope this will be a good experience for me.

Picture 1. Graph using license IN/OUT 3 month Version 1. Excel

Picture 2. Graph using license IN/OUT 3 month Version 2.

Picture3. Graph using license IN/OUT per day

Picture 4. Graph time using license 3 month

Picture5. Diagram time using license by Cities and Departments


P.S. I hid the names because I can’t share the information of the company.


During testing, there were problems with the processing of the log more than 2 MB. I updated the program. Now there are 2 options for the program.

SWlicenses example 11.27.2019 works with different groups and processes files up to 5 mb.

SWlicenses example 11.28.2019 works with the log without dividing into groups and processes files up to 10 mb.

SWlicenses light 17.05.2020 works with any logs, but calculate only count of license.

SWlicenses main 17.05.2020 works with any logs, but calculate part of log.