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Empty sheets in drawings take up to a minute to load.

Question asked by Tim Bethlehem on Sep 9, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2019 by David Matula

I've got a drawing template with 5 empty sheets. Each sheet has a title block, which gets it's info from the custom properties of the model that's going to be inserted.

When all sheets are empty, I can switch between the sheets without delay.

However, as soon as I insert a model on the first sheet, all empty sheets take forever to load. When I add the model to the 2nd sheet, that one loses the delay. And so on.

Adding a part that's inside the assembly to a sheet doesn't help, it still takes up to a minute to activate that sheet.


I've tried a new drawing file with the default template and default sheet format to rule out our customized template and formats. So no background image, no custom properties or anything, just blank sheets.


To summarize: All sheets with anything other than the first model inserted in the document take up to a minute to activate. This includes empty sheets. It seems independent of sheet format and drawing template.


What's going on here? My VAR didn't know what to do and basically leaves me hanging here. Any suggestions?

Much appreciated,