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Variable pitch helix that follows a contour

Discussion created by Michael Essex on Sep 6, 2019
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Hello all,


This is my first post and somewhat new to SolidWorks as I'm more familiar with Pro/E (CREO).  I need to duplicate a design in SolidWorks that I formally did in CREO.  It's a Variable pitch Helix that follows a contour.


In Creo I simply create a sketch on a plane generate the variable pitch helix about a CL that follows a curve.


In SolidWorks it seems I can not select a guide curve to follow and the Helix command is limited to entering a Dia. at each height.  I added some pics to show what I'd like to do.


Pic:1 "solidworks helix"  the grey area is the contour I need to follow and the yellow helix in the center of the coil.


Pic:2 "CREO helix with guide curve" show the sketch of the helix and it's constraints.  The green line is the contour (guide curve) that the helix follows.


Pic:3 "CREO complete helix" is the final outcome.  disregard the dual helix pic 2 only shows the first wrap.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.