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Flexible Assemblies- Doors and hinges

Question asked by Steven Guice on Apr 17, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2009 by Steven Guice
I have an assembled door, 80-20 type, frame & panel construction, where the hinges are attached to the door sub-assembly. When installed at then next level as a flexible assembly, the upper assembly reports mating errors within the door assembly which causes issuse with other the upper assembly mates(over defined). But when I switch over to the door assembly file everything is fine with the mates. The door will open/close but is sluggish and will rebuild with various different mating errors- or sometimes no matting errors at all.

Is there some way to assemble these doors to avoid sub assembly mating issues in the uper level assemblies?

One work around I'm trying, is to create a door configuration with the hinges supressed and adding the flexible hinges to the upper assembly (but with them excluded from the B.O.M.) There I install the door rigid but mated to the flexible hinges. I avoid the subassembly mating over defined issues but I still have a hard time moving the doors especially as they approach the range of motion limits -they don't always want to fully close.