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Corrupt Symbol

Question asked by Dwayne Alex on Sep 4, 2019

Hello All.


I keep getting corrupted symbols and I'm not sure why. The symbol will be created, saved, and used in a metric sheet.


The symbols will work for some time then seemingly randomly break and I have no idea why. Sometimes the same symbol can be used on a different sheet fine, but if I try to use that symbol in a, now broken, sheet the symbol is messed up for that sheet. 


I'll  then make a new sheet to re-draw this and sometimes even on a new sheet the corrupted symbol will follow it. At times when I look into the symbol it's perfectly fine and other times the circuits are 10-15mm away from where they should be, attributes have gone their own way, etc.


Scenario 1 - Symbol is corrupted:

I can rebuild the symbol and continue to use it.


Scenario 2 - Drawing is corrupted:

I can rebuild the symbol, but the sheet is broken. I need to redraw everything on a new clean sheet. Wires will disappear when I draw them or the symbol refuses to cooperate and update on the sheet. 


Scenario 3 - Symbol is corrupted:

I can rebuild the symbol and on a new sheet, the symbol is still corrupted. I need to delete the symbol and re-draw the symbol and everything that was in the sheet. 


Any ideas what could cause this?