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PLC Card Position changing randomly

Question asked by Andrew Wilkinson on Sep 5, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2019 by Andrew Wilkinson

Hi guys, looking for a solution to something that is really frustrating me at the moment.

If I add a PLC, then a rack, then a number of modules in the PLC Manager everything is ok until I have to change something.

For each module I enter the card position and slot (under manufacturer data) as the same number (the actual slot number in the rack) and a description of, say, "Digital Input Module".

If I do it in order to start with then everything is rosy.  The module appears in the tree in the correct order and the card position doesn't change.

If, however, I make a mistake like a spelling mistake in the description and go back into change it, all hell breaks loose.

The card numbers for all the modules in the rack change randomly (some to negative numbers) and the order in the tree gets jumbled as well.

There seems to be no way to recover from this point and get them all back in their correct order without deleting all the modules and starting again.

Even if I try to go back in and manually change the card position numbers (to match the slot numbers), the rest of the module card position numbers and the order in the tree change randomly again

Also, if I select all modules and delete the card position number, the modules are still jumbled in the tree.


Anyone else come across this issue?