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APQP pdf program

Question asked by robert dattilo on Sep 5, 2019


           I was wondering if anyone might have gone from manual Apqp system to electronic.

We have an older system of large binders with folders stuffed with mainly pdf's of our Solidworks drawings with ECR front pages, for New release or revisions. They’re stacked within individual sections file names (It would be Folders electronically) At times there also might be calculation pages etc. added. When we add the new file or rev we simply obsolete the file beneath. It’s clumsy, bulky, & non efficient, but we have it in place & not the electronic. It’s also a slow process. I’m wondering if any have dealt with a change over. We use Onbase for our ecr system.

   We’ve contemplated scanning everything, from the past, but then there’s the folder issue.

     Just wondering if any have met this challenge, & what solutions might be out there.

Thanks in advance for any input. (Sorry it's not totally SW, but it's a cad community issue)

Rob_D SW 2018 sp5