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SOLVED: color issues with Lenovo Vantage Program

Question asked by Felix Schwarzmann on Sep 5, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2019 by Mati Link

Hi dear community.

i encountered one of the weirdest bugs in my CAD/GFX applications history ever.

My solidworks now changes the background colour when i click on it. It just adds a amount of red to it. Even better, this effect can be stacked (as seen on the pictures).

As soon as i click somewhere else, the effect dissapears (even when i click somewhere outside of the application.


My latest research attempt to this problem was not successful..

I hope that any of you can help sort this out, its really bugging me and i just cant figure it out.


I would really appreciate the help. If any additional system information is needed, just hit me up.


EDIT: As this problem got solved, it seems that this is more of a general problem with Lenovo Vantage. But it can still show its effects in any version of Solidworks, so if anybody has the same kind of issues, just deinstall Lenovo Vantage and restart the System.




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