Matt Atlas

Conditional on plane relations

Discussion created by Matt Atlas on Sep 4, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2019 by Jim Sculley

Some background on my issue:  I am trying to have SolidWorks do some raytracing of a LIDAR on some target planes.  I have modeled some radial lines in one part (LIDAR scan lines), surface targets in another part (the environment), and a 3D sketch in another part (which are the points incident on the targets) all in an assembly.

Each of the radial lines has 1 point of the 3D sketch held as a coincident relation as a data point of the scan.

Varying the yaw, pitch and roll of the LIDAR I want the points in the 3D sketch of each scan line to have an "on plane" relation based on which target surface it impacts first from the origin out.

So far I can only get this to work by brute force and set the on plane relation for each ray.  Is it even possible to make this automatic?