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Duplicate Virtual Component Names on .step Import

Discussion created by Telson Hadden on Sep 4, 2019
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I am constrained (by our management) to exporting files from Inventor 2019.  I am constrained (by their management) to importing files into Solidworks 2018.  My head asplode.


The process so far is fairly straighforward -

1. I export the assembly as a .step

2. I open the .step in Solidworks, easy peasy. I have 3d Interconnect on to preserve filenames (I need those)

3. I dissolve the top level feature.

4. I try to "save all" so I can get individual files, but some of them are duplicates (ie: the same screw used in a couple different sub-assemblies), so an error pops up, and nothing is saved.


Is there any way to fix this issue?  if they have the same name, they are the same part.


note: I cannot change software versions, I *MUST* have the filenames on import, I *DO NOT* have time to rebuild the assemblies in SW, so I can't just export all the individual .step files.  All of these restrictions are place on me by management, and I also have no training in SW. 


I'm a smart monkey, though: macros as a solution are fine, and that's where I'm going if no one has a better process to suggest.  I'm just hoping there's an easy button, or I've missed something.


Hopefully that's clear, but I can't attach files - they are actually secret, and I'm not allowed to send any attachments whatsoever.